bond1 [ band ] noun **
▸ 1 relationship
▸ 2 financial document
▸ 3 formal legal promise
▸ 4 amount of money
▸ 5 serious promise
▸ 6 between surfaces
▸ 7 something stopping freedom
1. ) count something that gives people or groups a reason to love each other or feel they have a duty to each other:
bond between: The experience formed a close bond between us.
bond with: We will work to strengthen our bonds with neighboring countries.
a common bond: These women all lead very different lives, but they share a common bond.
2. ) count a document given to someone who invests money in a government or a company, promising to pay back the money with interest:
a government/Treasury bond: Government bonds are usually a safe investment.
a bond issue (=an offer to sell bonds): The company raised money through a bond issue.
3. ) count a legal document containing a promise that one person will pay money to another person
4. ) uncount an amount of money paid so that someone can leave prison before their trial: BAIL:
Cartwright's parents posted the $25,000 bond.
5. ) count LITERARY a serious promise that you make to someone
a ) my word is my bond SPOKEN FORMAL used for saying that people can trust you because if you promise to do something, you will do it
6. ) count usually singular the way that two surfaces are stuck together, usually with glue:
bond between: The surfaces must be clean to insure a good bond between the floor and the tiles.
a ) count SCIENCE in chemistry, a force that holds atoms together:
Carbon atoms can form bonds with nitrogen and oxygen atoms.
7. ) bonds plural LITERARY something that stops you from being free or from feeling that you can do what you want
a ) chains or ropes tied around someone so they are not free to move:
He managed to struggle free from his bonds.
bond 2 [ band ] verb
1. ) intransitive to develop feelings of love, friendship, or duty toward other people, or to make someone develop these feelings:
The two new recruits seemed to bond immediately.
bond together: The team has bonded together well.
bond with: He never felt like he bonded with any of the other students.
a ) to develop the strong and special feeling of love that it is considered normal for a mother and her baby to have for each other:
The mother and baby are left together after the birth so that they can start to bond.
2. ) intransitive or transitive to attach two things firmly together, usually with glue, or to become attached in this way:
a substance used for bonding plastics
bond together: The fibers bond together and form a thin sheet.
bond something to something: This product bonds fabric to any surface.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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